Skin Cancer Removal And Your Skin: 4 Aftercare Tips To Ensure Proper Healing

For most cases of skin cancer, one of the first things that your doctor will recommend is that you have the questionable spot or problematic mole removed. This notion may concern patients who have skin cancer in a noticeable locale, such as the face or chest. However, following these simple tips helps the removal site heal so that it looks its best.

1. Avoid Using Certain Products Near an Open Lesion

Depending on the site and size of your skin cancer, your doctor may choose to close the wound with stitches. In other cases, your physician may opt to leave the wound open and let the natural healing process take over. If your doctor leaves your wound open, it is essential to avoid using products that will irritate it.

For example, any lotion or cleansers with alcohol or antibacterial components should be avoided. Stay away from products that have a scent, as the scent components are very irritating to your healing skin.

Talk to your doctor about some good products to use. Your doctor may okay the use of mild products, or you may be advised to avoid putting any products (other than prescription ointments) on the lesion until it has closed. 

2. Keep Out of the Sun

One of the most effective tasks you can do to promote proper healing is to keep the site of your skin cancer out of the sunlight. Consider covering it with clothing. If it is on your face, wear a large-brimmed hat. Exposing the wound to sunlight increases the chances that it will scar and leave a noticeable mark.

Once your skin cancer site has healed, make sure that you use sunscreen every single day. Not only does sunscreen prevent future cases of skin cancer, but it will also protect the area as it continues to heal. 

3. Avoid Strenuous Exercise

Many individuals use exercise as a technique to deal with stressful events in their lives, and skin cancer is certainly a stressful instance. However, keep your workouts at a low intensity until your wound has healed. High intensity workouts usually have a lot of sweating and a rapid movement. The rapid movement can tear your removal site open, and the excessive sweating can irritate the removal site. 

4. Add a Scar Removal Cream to Your Beauty Routine

Once your wound has healed and you receive the okay from your physician, add a scar removal cream to your beauty routine. When used regularly, these creams will help minimize the appearance of your scar. If your scar is large or in a prominent spot, ask your physician if a prescription product is more suitable for your needs.

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