Have A Lot Of Girls To Buy For Throughout The Year? Buy These Items In Bulk

If you have daughters, daughter-in-law's, granddaughters, and other little women or people that like to be pampered in your life and you like to buy them gifts, there are some great ideas you can buy in bulk and then hand out to all. It's easier when you are able to order a large order of something, and to distribute it to everyone. This usually saves time and money at the same time as well. Here are some of the gift ideas you want to look into when you need small gifts, stocking stuffers, Easter basket ideas and more.

Nail Files in Bulk

Nail files are items that can also be used. It's great to have them readily available in an overnight bag, bathroom, even your purse. Buy some high quality and trendy Czech painted nail files, such as from Snazzy Creations, online in bulk, and then split up the different colors and patterns and give them to the ladies. This way they are covered with a file for any occasion and wherever they may need it.


Athletic apparel is on the rise and many clothing designers have their own lines, because it sells quickly and is acceptable for daily wear in public. Stretchy and comfortable headbands that can be used to wrap up the hair, hold the flyaway pieces in place, or just to collect sweat or compliment an object are great gifts. You can buy these in large sets and then hand them out, matching the person's needs with the color or style of the headband.

Lip balm or Lip Gloss

Lip balm or lip gloss can be purchased in packages at department stores, online, and by makeup creators, and then you can distribute the shades accordingly. The same can be done with boutique, organic or specialty lip balm. If there is a designer, brand, or manufacturer you have wanted to try, or that the girls would like, order a kit and then hand them out individually.

It can be hard to buy or order individual items when you have a lot of people to shop for, and you will notice that there are many savings and buying advantages when you choose to buy items in bulk. Talk with the girls to see what items they love to have ready to go in their purse or bag, what items they use the most often, and what will suit each person's needs. This makes the buying easy and fun.

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