A Few Things You Should Know Before Microblading Your Eyebrows

If you are tired of having to use an eyebrow pencil every day to make your eyebrows look good, you may have thought about having microblading done. This is a procedure similar to tattooing, but with a few differences. Instead of using a machine to put pigment deep into your skin, a microblade has numerous needles that penetrate the skin shallowly. A pigment is then allowed to seep into the cuts. Here are a few things you need to know before having this done.

Is Not Permanent

A tattoo puts ink deep into your skin so that it is there permanently. Microblading is not as deep so the pigment will be there for only a few years. If you like the results and want to keep them, you will either need to have the procedure repeated every few years or go with a tattoo. Keep in mind, however, that a tattoo will not look as natural as microblading. In addition, if you decide you need a change, there are a few things you can do that will speed up the fading like exfoliating the area or going to a sauna and working up a good sweat.

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Because microblading involves making many small cuts in your skin, you will want to have a good night's sleep beforehand so your eyes are not puffy. Any puffiness will distort the skin a bit, and you may not get the results you want. In addition, puffy skin tends to bleed more. This will keep the pigment from penetrating into the cuts. You should also avoid drinking the night before as this can also cause puffiness and will increase bleeding.

Don't Have It Done Before a Big Event or Vacation

You may experience puffiness and/or redness for a few days after the treatment. You will not want this if you have a special event planned. In addition, you should not get the area wet or scrub it until the cuts have healed. This means you should avoid wearing any makeup for a few days. Finally, unless your vacation consists of spending time in a hotel room, make sure to have microblading a week before you leave. You should not go swimming right after the treatment, especially in salt water. Partying or any activity that will cause you to sweat should also be avoided.

Microblading is a good option for making your eyebrows appear thicker and fuller. It will save you from having to pencil in your brows every morning, give your brows a natural appearance, and allow you to make changes to them as trends change.

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