Sweeten The Shave: Sugaring Mishaps To Avoid

An ancient form of hair removal, sugaring has been around since at least 1900 BC and involves the use of a sugar paste and some sort of cloth to remove unwanted body hair. Sugaring is preferred to waxing by many for its less painful nature, its all-natural ingredients, and its lower risk of burning the skin (as the sugar paste can be applied warm or even lukewarm rather than hot like wax).

However, as with any hair removal method, there are some pitfalls that could cause trouble for you if you're not careful. So if you're looking to have a successful first sugaring experience, then here are a few mishaps to avoid.

Choosing a visible test spot

When testing to see if your paste is the right mix and/or consistency, you may be tempted to spot test it on an easily accessible part of your body like your forearm — after all, you don't really notice the hair there, so it should be fine, right?

Wrong, as it turns out. Easily accessible also means easily seen, and while you might not notice the hair there when it's even, you'll definitely notice a bald spot. Choose instead a spot in the actual area you'll be removing hair from, or at least a spot you can easily cover with clothing no matter what the weather — just in case.

Going the wrong direction

You may be tempted to smooth the paste down your legs (for example) and then rip the fabric off towards you, but doing that is liable to break hair strands and cause ingrown hair, not to mention miss spots entirely.

Instead, first paint the paste against the grain of your hair, being careful not to make it too warm. Then, apply a strip of fabric onto the paste and quickly and firmly rip it off in the direction of hair growth. When paired with the usual dusting of flour or cornstarch on the area to help the sugaring paste not stick to your skin, you should get nice, even hair removal.

Using the microwave

If you're heating up the paste even a little bit (especially if you're making your own and you're trying to combine the ingredients), using the microwave might seem like a great idea. However, using a microwave is the best way to both ruin your paste and give yourself burns on your skin — which will prevent you from being able to remove hair by any method.

To correctly warm the sugaring paste, either put it in a double boiler over warm (not boiling hot!) water or — better, especially for beginners — warm it in your hands. You want it to be spreadable without being liquid, and the best way to gauge its consistency is with your (gloved) hands.

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