Tips For Minimizing Discomfort From Dermal Filler Injections

Dermal fillers, like JUVÉDERM®, are known for plumping your skin and taking years off your face almost immediately. These advanced fillers aren't just beneficial for making a beauty statement though. Men and women of all ages also get dermal filler injections for minimizing the appearance of scars, including acne scars. While JUVÉDERM and similar hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are known for helping you feel more confident in your own skin, the injections themselves can be a little uncomfortable. Try some of these tips to minimize your discomfort during your dermal filler treatment, so all you have to focus on is your new beautiful skin.

Apply Ice 

An old-fashioned ice pack is a quick and easy way to numb your skin before your dermal filler injection appointment. Ice makes nerve endings less receptive, so you're not so sensitive to the prick of the needle. It even minimizes blood flow to the treatment area, which decreases pain, swelling, and inflammation after your session. For maximum effectiveness, apply an ice pack to your treatment area for about 10-20 minutes before your scheduled dermal filler appointment. Be sure to place a cloth or towel between your delicate skin and the ice pack, so the ice doesn't damage your skin. 

Try a Numbing Cream

Topical numbing creams are made of lidocaine, cayenne pepper, and other similar ingredients that help temporarily deaden your nerve endings. Your practitioner might offer you a topical numbing cream right in the office. But you have to arrive roughly 20-30 minutes before your appointment to apply it. Your other option is to visit your local pharmacy and pick up a tube of over-the-counter numbing cream and apply it before you drive to the office. This way you're numb by the time you arrive. 

Schedule Early and Stay Distracted

If you know that you're sensitive to needles or are otherwise worried about pain from dermal filler injections, schedule your appointment as early as possible -- or at a time of day when you're fatigued. Ideally, you should go before you have your morning cup of coffee since coffee heightens your senses and can make you more alert of slight discomfort from the injection. Since early-morning visits aren't always feasible though, you can also use techniques to distract yourself during your visit. Pop in earbuds and listen to your favorite playlist, or simply sit back and focus on your breathing. The more you can do to focus on something other than the injections themselves, the quicker and more comfortable your dermal filler treatment is going to be.

Before trying a topical numbing solution, including ice, talk with your practitioner. You just want to ensure anything you try won't interact with your filler treatment.

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