How To Get The Most Out Of Your Recent Tan

Whether you love a sunless tan or you like to use the tanning booths in a traditional fashion, your main goal is to get your tan to last. You don't want to get a beautiful tan only to have your color fade in just a few days, particularly if you have an event you want to look glamorous for. You can make your tan last longer, no matter what type of tan you want, by following these easy tips.

Avoid over-exfoliation

You want to exfoliate heavily just before you get your tan so that you have the best color or UV ray saturation. This is the best way to ensure your tan comes out even and beautiful. However, once you get your tan, you want to exfoliate as little as possible. If you scrub your skin too much following a tan, you will end up losing a lot of the pigmentation you've just paid for, which can result in you looking less bronze than you'd like. 

When you do shower or bathe, use soft ingredients to wash your skin and pat your skin dry. If you have a real tan and not a sunless one, use a tanning lotion designed to keep your skin soft and free of drying out, which will help your tan last.

Get some sun

You should always wear sunscreen when you're outside, but a few moments of rays give you needed vitamins and helps your skin stay glowing. When you apply sunscreen, make sure you put extra amounts on your nose, ears, neck, and other areas that are prone to burning. Don't over-stay your sun welcome or you risk burning and peeling, but just a little bit of rays will keep your tan looking nice.

Use a self-tanner

A self-tanning lotion in a light hue will help you keep the glow you've just gotten at the tanning salon longer. When you use a lotion, get the approval of your tanning specialist first since not all tanning lotions are the same. You want a self-tanner that has natural-looking pigmentation so that you don't end up looking more orange than bronze. You also don't want to overly darken your skin or ruin the beautiful look of your tan.

Your tanning salon specialist will give you advice for when to come back to renew your tan or to give yourself a touch-up. The right salon specialist will keep you glowing in a beautiful, natural-looking fashion.

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