Eyelash Extensions: Get Lashes That Are Fuller And Longer Without Using Mascara

Do you like the way your lashes look when they are longer and fuller, but hate applying mascara regularly? Aside from taking up some of your time in the morning, the mascara you wear can end up smudging, smearing right off, and becoming flaky by the end of the day, causing your lashes to fall flat again instead of looking long and beautiful. If you would rather have extended lashes that look naturally beautiful without the mascara buildup, you should get lash extensions. These extensions last for weeks at a time and are sure to accentuate your face while giving your eyes a much brighter appearance.

Choose the Style of Lashes You Would Like

If you are going to get lash extensions, you should know that there are a few different styles to choose from. If you would like to achieve more of a natural appearance with your lashes, the lash technician can provide a classic service where a few individual eyelashes are carefully applied to the eyelid. When a few of the artificial eyelashes are applied piece by piece, it will look like you have a bit of mascara on when you really do not have it on. While the classic look is quite popular, some people do prefer more of a dramatic look. If you want to have eyelashes that are long, thick, and full, you can have dozens of individual lashes carefully applied to the eyelid where your natural lashes are growing. The technician you choose to go to for this service can show you images of different styles, allowing you to choose the style you think suits you best.

Take Proper Care of Your Extensions to Make Them Last Longer

A good set of lash extensions will last for about six weeks before you would need to go back to the technician and have new extensions added to the eyelids. However, if you want to keep these extensions in the best condition, you should take proper care of them by brushing them with an eyelash brush wand at least once a day. You do not have to worry about getting them wet because the extensions are applied with a special glue that sticks to the eyelids quite well. There are even special cleansers available for eyelash extensions that you can use to keep them clean without causing any damage to them.

If you want to have eyelashes that are much longer and fuller, but you do not want to constantly use mascara, think about getting eyelash extensions. These extensions will look natural and may last for around six weeks at a time.

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