Three Tattoo Ideas To Consider After A Health Scare

Many people experience different types of health scares, including mild heart attacks, various injuries, and more. If you've successfully been through such an incident, it will often leave a lasting impression on you — and you may want to recognize this pivotal moment in your life with a tattoo. Even if you don't have any other ink, the magnitude of what you've just endured may compel you to come up with a tattoo design and have it inked onto your body as a reminder. There are many different designs that may be appropriate for someone who has had a health scare, including these options.

Time Of The Incident

You might constantly be thinking of the date and time of the incident and how your life changed. For example, if you had a heart attack, you may be using that incident as the catalyst for eating better and getting regular exercise. You may thus want to get a tattoo that recognizes the time and date. For example, you could get a simple text tattoo of the time and date — for example, "4/3/19" — or you could go for something more elaborate, such as the depiction of a calendar turned to the month in question and a clock with the hands at the appropriate times.

Heart Rhythm Line

Another tattoo design that may be appropriate in your situation is a heart rate line. This easily recognizable single line that has peaks and valleys can be a good choice if you've had a minor heart attack or some other type of heart-related issue. The long and thin nature of this image makes it suitable as a tattoo in a variety of locations. For example, you might choose to have it wrap around your wrist or bicep, or run along the inner or outer edge of your forearm.


A health scare can often compel you to find a quote that resonates with you. This could be a quote about the fragility of life or about overcoming an obstacle, or you could even find a quote out of a religious text that you feel is suitable to someone in your situation. You can then work on deciding where you'd like to get this quote tattooed onto your body, as well as its size and even its font.

Your local tattoo artist can present you with a variety of options and considerations for each of these tattoo ideas.

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Many people experience different types of health scares, including mild heart attacks, various injuries, and more. If you've successfully been through