Using CBD Perfume: A Guide

These days, people are using CBD in so many different ways. They're taking it orally, vaping it, and even applying moisturizers infused with it. One application you may not have heard of yet is using CBD as a perfume. This may sound a little odd at first, but once you learn a little more about it, the idea makes so much sense! Here's a simple guide to teach the basics of using CBD perfumes.

What makes CBD a good choice for perfumes?

CBD doesn't have much of a scent on its own, so using it in a perfume may sound a little strange. However, it's more often used as a scent enhancer, rather than a key scent in the perfume. For instance, you may see a perfume that is scented of tobacco and leather, and infused with CBD. The primary scent you notice is that of the tobacco and leather, but the CBD does add some earthy, natural notes that round it out.

Scent is not the only reason to add CBD to a perfume. Since CBD has a relaxing effect, when you apply a CBD perfume, you not only smell nice but feel nice. Those around you will feel more relaxed when inhaling, too.

How should you use CBD perfume?

Since CBD oil is on the thick side, many perfumes infused with CBD come in rollers. You can roll a little CBD onto your neck, behind your ears, or even along your collarbone. These are good areas to apply the CBD because the blood vessels are close to your skin. This means your skin stays a little warmer in these areas, which helps throw the scent. With the blood vessels close to the skin, you may also absorb a little of the CBD from the perfume, which may enhance its relaxing effects.

What should you look for in a CBD perfume?

If you are shopping for a CBD perfume, look for one that has a natural scent, such as that of tobacco or leather. These scents tend to pair better with CBD than fruity or floral scents. Also, look for a product that comes in a smaller container. This way, you can try it a few times and decide if you like it before investing in a larger container.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a better idea of what CBD perfume is and how to use it. CBD perfume is a nice way to enhance your scent and your mood.

To learn more, contact a local health store that offers products like 30ml tobacco and leather CBD perfume.

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